Quit smoking

Smoking while pregnant can cause lots of problems with you and your baby, like premature birth and nicotine can damage babies lungs and brain.  Give your baby a healthy and smoke-free start!  Below are free resources to help you quit smoking.

Quit Now Indiana

Offers free services 24/7 to help you quit smoking.

Call 1-800-QUIT NOW to talk to a Quit Coach or check out Text2Quit.


Text2Quit®, is a free service offered by Quit Now Indiana. This feature will actually send you personalized text messages, at the right time, to help you through the quitting process. Stay connected with your Quit Coach®and/or Web Coach®, manage smoking cravings, and prevent relapses; all from your cell phone. 

Need Help to Quit Smoking?

Text Nancy at 260-760-7555 at Tobacco Free Allen County.  She will link you with Fort Wayne help to quit smoking.

Need Help?